Oculus in the News

We’ve received some good press over the past few weeks, mostly from the tech news blogs, helped by the Kickstarter launch of our Oculus Robot. Here’s a shortened list, of some of the higher traffic sites: – Netbook Robot Lets You be in Two Places at Once – Recycle your Laptop into a Telepresence Robot – Robotize your Netbook with Oculus Kit – Turn your Netbook into a Robot with Oculus Wheelie Kit – Kit turns any netbook into a telepresence robot – Oculus Netbook Telepresence Robot – Oculus Telepresence Robot – Kickstarter Effort Turns Netbooks into Robots – Germany – Brazil – Russia – Italy

UPDATE 1/27/2012: another good writeup surfaced at – “Normally, it would cost thousands to buy a robot with all the capabilities that the Oculus Robot has.”

Posted by xaxxon on January 22, 2012
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