EMAIL command

The email command syntax and instructions, as found in the Oculus Command Reference, is as follows:

email {STRING}
  Uses format: email-address [subject] body
Send email to email-address, with subject [subject] and body text body

email [Test email] This is an email test
Uses mail server settings specified in oculus_settings.txt configuration file values for ‘email_smtp_server, email_smtp_port,’ (and ‘email_username, email_password’ if required)

To use Gmail to send mail: set the server to ‘,’ port to 587, and use Gmail username and password

Mail settings described below need to be manually entered in the oculus_settings.txt config file, located under ‘/Oculus/conf’ :

email_smtp_server {STRING}
  SMTP server for outgoing email. ‘Disabled’ if unused

email_smtp_port {STRING}
  SMTP server port for outgoing email

email_username {STRING}
  username if SMTP server for outgoing email requires authorization. ‘Disabled’ if unused

email_password {STRING}
  password if SMTP server for outgoing email requires authorization. ‘Disabled’ if unused. WARNING: PLAIN TEXT

email_from_address {STRING}
  return email address for outgoing email. ‘Disabled’ if unused

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