ArduinOculus PCBs Shipping Now

a slew of ArduinOculus boards awaiting firmware (zoom)

Today we shipped out a bunch of our ArduinOculus boards to those who pre-ordered them; they should reach their destinations in a week or so.

They’re pretty useful boards, especially if you’re making a USB powered robot a lot like Oculus, with two DC gear-motors for differential steering, and a servo for camera tilt (or sword slash, or trigger pull, or whatever nefarious task you want your robot to perform again and again…).
They can be programmed using the Arduino IDE. We’ve pre-loaded them with the Arduino Duemillenove bootloader and the default “blink led 13” firmware.

For a starting point on programming for your own project, feel free to take a look at the Oculus firmware code, which has a good basic command set.

Posted by xaxxon on February 16, 2012
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