ArduinOculus Microcontroller

PCB found in the Oculus ROV System, also available for general robotics projects. Arduino compatible, with L293DD H-bridge chip for powering and controlling up to 2 DC-motors, using the same board, as well as a standard servo pin header. 5V USB power, with serial-over-USB communication. Good for low-power applications.
  • Arduino Duemilanove compatible
  • ATmega328 microcontroller (datasheet)
  • L293DD H-bridge (datasheet)
  • On-board screw terminals for 2x DC motors, 1x standard servo pin header.
  • 5V USB power, mini-USB female jack
  • FTDI serial-over-USB communication
  • Unused arduino pins brought out to female headers
  • Overall size: 80mm x 55mm
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