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Oculus ROV System
  • Oculus main unit: fully adjustable ABS plastic frame, ArduinOculus microcontroller, 2x DC motors, wheels, servo-powered tilting periscope
  • Charging dock, with multi-jack DC power input
  • Oculus Server Software (download)
  • USB cable
  • Power lead and DC tip adapter set
  • Ships assembled

(NOTE: laptop/netbook NOT included; see laptop compatibility and system requirements)

Oculus ROV frame and dock kit
(Product retired, no longer available)

OcuLED Light Accessory for Oculus
Powerful headlight accessory for the Oculus ROV, enables navigation and automatic docking in complete darkness.
Includes: light, mounting fasteners, USB cable


OcuLED Light Accessory for Oculus ROV
out of stock
each US $58.99 out of stock

Primesense/Xtion Mounting Bracket for Oculus


Bracket for mounting ASUS Xtion PRO, Asus Xtion Live PRO, and Primesense Carmine 3D depth cameras to the Oculus ROV
out of stock
each US $15.99 out of stock

ArduinOculus Microcontroller
Same PCB found in the Oculus ROV System, available for general robotics projects. Arduino compatible, with L293DD H-bridge chip for powering and controlling up to 2 DC-motors, using the same board, as well as a standard servo pin header. 5V USB power, with serial-over-USB communication. Good for low-power applications.


ArduinOculus microcontroller
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each US $37.99 out of stock

Xaxxon T-Shirt
Xaxxon Robotics T-Shirt!
Luxurious organic cotton, white on grey
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