Oculus Laptop Kit has been retired, this page is for legacy information purposes only
OCULUS - The Laptop Mobilizer
OCULUS consists of an adjustable frame that holds a variety of small laptops, complete with powered wheels and a tilting periscope for the laptop's built-in webcam. You can control it over the internet using any desktop web browser, or iOS or Android device
Easy-to-install, open source control software is available as a free download.
Power and communication to the system is supplied entirely via USB. The laptop's battery is charged using its own stock charger, routed through the included charging dock.
Remote Surveillance - RELIABLE: correctly configured systems can be left running for weeks, waiting for remote-control
Telepresence - interact with others at home or in the office, from vast distances away, via 2-way audio and video
Low cost robotic sophistication - other bots with similar features often cost thousands of dollars
Expandable Robotics Platform - open-source software, with open-hardware electronics (API/SDK under development)
Best used on smooth, hard floors*


Durable ABS plastic frame fits most laptops with 11.6" screens or smaller, easy no-tools adjustability. See here for compatibility info.
Servo controlled tilting periscope to look up/down through laptop webcam (suits cameras rougly centered, above screen)
DC gearmotor driven front wheels, omni-directional rear wheels, differential steering
ArduinOculus microcontroller board based on open-source-hardware Arduino / ATmega328. Easily extendable for do-it-yourself add-ons (sensors, servos, arms, etc.)
USB powered, with low power consumption: typical laptop batteries can support 1-2 hours of continuous driving and streaming video before requiring recharging.
Frame and dock made in Canada, assembled, tested and packaged in Canada

Server software (installed on laptop connected to Oculus hardware) runs on Windows 7, Vista, and XP, and Linux. For more info see system requirements. Some network setup required for internet connectivity.
Standard remote client runs in any modern web browser (with the Flash plugin). NOTE: may not work thru heavily locked-down firewalls*
Android and iOS phone/tablet clients
2-way streaming audio/video supported. Telepresence in action
Supports multiple user accounts with simultaneous remote logins, all able to view the same video/audio stream, and text chat each other!
Open source software (project link) - easy to modify/extend
Software is a FREE DOWNLOAD, that does NOT require Oculus hardware to run. Try it out: fully functional multi-user streaming audio and video.

Charging Dock
Docking with the charging dock is handled for you automatically by The Integrated DMVAM (Dynamic Machine Vision Auto-Motion) System.
Laptop's stock charger plugs into wall outlet, then into charging dock
Complete set of DC jack and plug adapters included, compatible with most small laptops

Accessories and Add-Ons
OcuLED Headlight
Powerful headlight accessory for the Oculus ROV, enables navigation and automatic docking in complete darkness.
Primesense/Xtion Mounting Bracket
Bracket for mounting ASUS Xtion PRO, Asus Xtion Live PRO, and Primesense Carmine 3D depth cameras to the Oculus ROV.

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