Oculus Prime Update: Autonomous Security Patrols

The latest software update to Oculus Prime is a big one – one of the goals at the outset of this project was to create a fully autonomous vehicle that can perform automated patrol routes. Finally, the pieces have come together and we are able to deliver a relatively low cost unit, that can run scheduled patrols for weeks unattended.

The following abilities have been added to the web browser remote interface:

  • Create a map
  • Define waypoints
  • Create routes between waypoints
  • Set optional actions for each waypoint, including: motion detection, noise detection, human detection, still image recording, email and RSS alerts, and rotate in place
  • Schedule routes by day of week and time of day
  • View detailed route logs

Other Improvments:

  • Floor plane obstacle detection (including low objects and cliffs)
  • Auto navigation reliability improved
  • Automatically adapt speed to floor type during auto-navigation (carpet, tile, etc.)
  • Now you can create maps, download and upload to edit, all from within the browser only
  • Headless wifi setup
  • Smoother camera movement
  • Switch to 64-bit java
  • Multiple bug fixes, performance and reliability improvements

Route creation in web browser:

See the documentation section on Auto Navigation for brief tutorials on mapping, navigating and defining patrol routes.

The new software comes pre-installed and calibrated on the Oculus Prime Full Version Xtion (the Xtion depth sensor is required to use any navigation features).

For upgrading existing systems, update using the manual update method.

Posted by xaxxon on September 28, 2015
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