Programming Oculus Prime

The Oculus Prime Robot comes stock with an extensive set of remote monitoring and autonomous patrolling features, but there are likely going to be those times when you want it to do something a bit differently. It so happens that you can easily customize the robot’s automatic functionality by taking command of the the control software using the Oculus Prime Telnet API.

The API gives you access to the 80+ built-in text commands and 70+ real-time-status state variables, to give you complete control of the robot, using any programming language that supports socket connections (most do).

For those using Python as their scripting language of choice, there is an Oculus Prime python module with a handful of commonly used script-to-server conversing functions.

For example, to have the robot make a synth-voice announcement whenever any of its sensing functions (sound, motion, or human) detect anything, it’s as simple as 5 lines of Python code:

import oculusprimesocket
while True: 
    oculusprimesocket.waitForReplySearch("<state> streamactivity (?!null)")  
    oculusprimesocket.sendString("speech intruder alert")

For an explanation of the above code, see example python scripts. There you’ll also find another example that will turn on sound detection whenever the robot is docked, and launch a patrol route if it hears anything.

Posted by xaxxon on October 01, 2015
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