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Battery Charging and System Power Management Board
Xaxxon Power LiPo3S battery charging and power management PCB
The XAXXON POWER LiPO3S System Power Battery Management Board provides battery powered mobility for a wide variety of x86/ARM system boards and motherboards. It allows continuous system up-time while switching back-and-forth between wall power and battery, and provides real-time statistics on individual cell voltages and current draw via USB interface.
NOTE: This board has been discontinued and will be retired once stock is depleted; the latest version drop-in replacement is the POWER v2 PCB.
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Part No.: XAX-063     retired
  • 9-16V 3A system power out (max 3A continuous/5A peak)
    System boards, including ATX & Mini-ITX systems should have compatible wide input power capability, or use a suitable boost/buck DC-DC regulator
  • DC wall power in: 15V nominal (14.5 minimum, 16.5V absolute maximum)
    4A minimum
  • Accepts 3 cell (11.1V) Lithium Polymer battery (Turnigy, Zippy brands currently supported)
  • Integrated charging at 1.0Ah, cell balancing
  • JST-XH balance connector (4 pin for 3S battery)
  • Battery input/output current monitoring (hall effects sensor)
  • Precision voltage reference, individual pack cells and system power
  • Atmel ATMega 328P microcontroller
  • USB serial interface with full battery monitoring/statistics output
  • Mini-B USB female connector
  • Low battery safety auto system power shutoff (reset using tact-switch or applying wall power)
  • Parasitic battery drain 2.58mA
  • Overall size: 99mm x 51mm [3.9in x 2.0in]
  • RoHS compliant
NOTE: Board has continuous parasitic battery drain of 2.58mA even when powered down; therefore it is important to disconnect battery when system is not in use, to avoid damaging the battery.
Typical Wiring Diagram:
Xaxxon Power LiPo3SD battery charging PCB, wiring diagram
Description of Error Codes, Serial Commands and Output
Datasheet (download)
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