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Battery Charging and System Power Management Board
Xaxxon POWER v2 battery charging and power management PCB
The XAXXON POWER v2 System Power Battery Management Board powers Xaxxon mobile robots, and can also provide battery powered mobility for a wide variety of x86/ARM system boards and motherboards. It allows continuous system up-time while switching back-and-forth between wall power and battery, and provides real-time statistics on individual cell voltages and current draw via USB interface.
This board is the next generation of the original Xaxxon Power LiPo3S PCB.
Description of Error Codes,
Serial Commands and Output
Datasheet (download)
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The board is ideally to be used while connected with a host PC (eg., a Xaxxon robot), to take advantage of statistical output, react to messages and errors, and send commands. However, it will operate perfectly in stand-alone mode as well.
Standard Functions:
  • Detect wall power and start charging and balancing battery cells, stop charging when full
  • Provide wall power or battery power to system +V-S out, depending on availability, seamlessly without interruption
  • Monitor current draw -- if dangerously high current, output warning message, and/or power down system
  • Soft shut down (firmware/MOSFET controlled) all power output from battery if pack depleted, to avoid battery damage (function can also be used as convenient general power down)
  • Optional soft shut down battery power to system +V-S out only, while leaving microcontroller alive, returning system power after specified delay
  • Tally amps in and out over time, to estimate battery life remaining, and re-evaluate pack capacity periodically
  • Continuously output system statistics, including individual cell voltages, wall power voltage, current draw, and PCB status
  • React to error conditions and faulty packs by outputting messages, storing error history, and disabling/limiting charging if necessary
Enhancements to previous generation PCB include:
  • No parasitic battery drain
  • Allows daisy-chaining of multiple boards and batteries for increased capacity
  • Added second soft power shutoff mode: can now kill system power only, keep 5V microcontroller alive, optionally bring system power back up after specified delay
  • Optional isolated battery-only power out (eg., for 12V motors to never experience high wall power voltages)
  • Higher wall power voltages accepted, up to 20V
  • Protection diode and 5A fuse now on-board
Example Setup/Typical Wiring Diagram:
Xaxxon POWER v2 battery charging PCB, wiring diagram
  • 10-20V system power out (max 3A continuous/5A peak)
  • DC wall power in: 15-20V nominal (14.5 minimum, 20.5V absolute maximum)
    -4A minimum
    -System boards, including ATX & Mini-ITX systems should have compatible wide input power capability, or use a suitable boost/buck DC-DC regulator
  • Battery only 10-12.6V power out (max 3A continuous/5A peak)
    -Current limitation (and all PCB circuitry/safety features) can be bypassed by connecting load directly to main heavy gauge pack leads, instead of using balance connector only
  • Accepts 3 cell (11.1V) Lithium Polymer battery (Turnigy, Zippy, Turnigy-Graphene brands tested)
  • Integrated charging at 1.0Ah nominal
  • Charging at 0.3A max conditioning current if highly depleted pack
  • Individual cell balancing
  • JST-XH balance connector (4 pin for 3S battery)
  • Battery in/out current monitoring (hall effects sensor)
  • Precision voltage reference, individual pack cells and system power
  • Atmel ATMega 328P microcontroller
  • USB serial interface, micro-B female USB connector
  • Battery power shut off function (firmware/MOSFET controlled)
    -Low battery safety auto system power shutoff
    -Optional leave microcontoller 5V circuit alive only
    -NOTE: does not shut down +V-B terminal
  • Integrated 5A fuse
  • Integrated protection diode on wall power +V-IN terminal
  • Overall size: 99mm x 51mm [3.9in x 2.0in]
  • RoHS compliant
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