Oculusprime Server Application Updated with ARM Support and Carpet Detection

The latest 0.709 update to the Oculusprime Server Application includes the following enhancements:

  • Beta ARM/Raspbian support: should work with most ARM single board computers with at least 1Gb RAM, see setup notes
  • Optional Camera/mic capture via avconv/ffmpeg (enabled with setting 'useflash false')
  • Carpet auto-sense during navigation (sensed carpet will disable arc-turn mode)
  • Measured route distance added to navigation log
  • arcmovecomp setting added (use a lower value if arc turns are too wide)
  • Relaxed unnecessary power warnings, ignore no_battery_connected and no_host_detected
  • Wait for power board ping response while auto-docking (in case of board reset)

The full package is available on the downloads page, or existing clients can be auto-updated from the remote web browser UI:

MENU > server > check for software update

We’re offering non-depth-camera systems pre-assembled and configured with Raspberry Pi, now up for pre-order! We’re dubbing it the Oculus Prime Pi Explorer. Here’s a rendering of a possible future decal option for that unit:

Oculus Prime Pi Explorer ROV with decals

We haven’t tried auto navigation on the Raspberry Pi 3 yet (with only 1Gb of RAM it may not work reliably without running part of the ROS navigation stack on a supporting PC). However, one of our customers has reported full auto-navigation functionality running on an Odroid XU4 single board computer, using an Xtion sensor.

Posted by xaxxon on March 15, 2016
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