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Xaxxon Open LIDAR PCB
The OpenLIDAR PCB comes standard with the Xaxxon OpenLIDAR Sensor, and it's available by itself for your custom sensor integration project.
It runs the Garmin Lidar-LITE v3 laser range sensor, drives a stepper motor, uses a photo sensor to precisely track revolutions, and interfaces with a host system via USB. Power distribution design allows both the stepper motor and sensor to run reliably on the minimal power provided by a host-system's USB jack, while separating motor noise from the range sensor i2c communication.
Xaxxon OpenLIDAR PCB
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xaxxon openlidar PCB Specifications/Features:
  • Atmel ATMEGA 328P microcontroller, 16 Mhz
  • Micro-B USB female input (cable not supplied)
  • 5V primary power via host-system USB
  • Power consumption, maximum: 300mA/1.5W
  • CP2104 USB-UART bridge
  • Texas Instruments DRV8834 stepper driver IC
  • Motor current limiting R13 trimpot (set once only required)
  • Intended to be used with bipolar stepper motor ROB-10551, Garmin LIDAR-Lite V3, and optical sensor OPB625 (not supplied)
  • Firmware can be uploaded via Arduino IDE as duemilanove/328P
  • Overall size: 54mm x 35mm [2.13in x 1.38in]
  • Ships with motor connect 4-pin male header (1x straight, 1x angled)
  • RoHS compliant
Dimensions and connection diagram
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xaxxon openlidar pcb connection diagram
xaxxon open lidar pcb opto sensor mounting
Revolution tracking optical sensor OPB625 (not supplied) can be mounted on either top or bottom of the PCB
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