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xaxxon openlidar laser range sensor garmin lidar lite v3

Xaxxon OpenLIDAR Sensor

is a rotational laser scanner with open software and hardware, intended for use with autonomous mobile robots and simultaneous-location-and-mapping (SLAM) applications.
It's ideal for obstacle avoidance, autonomous navigation, and mapping, even in sunlit environments. It's fully compatible with all versions of ROS.
Xaxxon OpenLIDAR Sensor
Assembled and tested, includes USB cable and mounting hardware
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Documentation ROS Drivers Open Hardware OpenLIDAR PCB
The sensor has a simple mechanical design, using the proven Garmin LIDAR-Litev3 laser distance measurement sensor, wired through a rotational slip ring, with stepper motor drive, two 3D printed frame parts, and an Arduino compatible PCB. Power and communication are delivered via USB cable.
Python ROS drivers and firmware source code are available on our Github. All configuration settings are dynamically tweakable using the rqt_reconfigure GUI tool, which comes standard with all versions of ROS.


  • Maximum range: 40m
  • Sample rate: up to 750Hz
  • Range sensor: Garmin LIDAR-Litev3
  • Distance resolution: 1cm
  • Accuracy: +/- 2.5cm*
      *from LIDAR-Litev3 manual (download), see document for specific limitations
  • Scanning speed: up to 250 RPM
  • Drive motor: bipolar stepper ROB-10551
  • Interface: USB 2.0 micro-B (50cm micro-to-A cable included)
  • Power consumption, maximum: 300mA @ 5V, 1.5W (supplied via host system USB)
  • Controller board: Arduino compatible OpenLIDAR PCB
  • RPM photo sensor: TT Electronics OPB625
  • Dimensions: 100 x 71 x 42, 66mm spin diameter (see drawing)
  • Mounting holes: qty 4 of M3, centers on 62.3 x 33.3mm (see drawing)
  • Weight: 180g
  • Made in Canada

System Requirements

The sensor is compatible with Linux, Windows, and MacOS operating systems, running on either x86 or ARM architectures. However, full drivers and support are currently limited to systems running Linux OS with the Robot Operating System (ROS-Inigo/Kinetic/Melodic).
But, communication with host-systems other than Linux/ROS is straight forward using any progrmaming language, thanks to the OpenLIDAR PCB's simple serial communication protocol.
Video: Real Time MAPPING of rooms with OpenLIDAR sensor and Oculus Prime robot
Sample rate 715 Hz, 180 RPM, Gmapping algorithm, RViz visualization, 1m grid, red points=raw lidar data
Manipulate settings in real-time with ROS rqt_reconfigure GUI tool xaxxon openlidar ROS rqt_reconfigure
xaxxon openlidar laser range sensor xaxxon openlidar laser range sensor 3dprinted rear

Open Hardware

The simple, open design of the Xaxxon OpenLIDAR makes it easy to modify and service, or design and build your own custom sensor configuration
xaxxon openlidar PCB

The Xaxxon
Primary components of the OpenLIDAR Sensor:
  • Garmin LIDAR-Lite v3 laser rangefinder
  • Stepper motor ROB-10551
  • Slip ring, 6 wire
  • Optical sensor OPB625 (RPM tracking)
The complete OpenLIDAR Sensor has the following specific hardware:
  • Slip ring SRM-12-06A or equivalent
  • 2X screw terminals 3-position OSTVN03A150
  • 4X m3 x 6.4mm heat stake inserts brass 94180A333
  • 3X M3 x 6 pan head screws
  • 2X #6 x 3/4 black nylon screws
  • 2X #6 black nylon nuts
xaxxon openlidar drawing
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