SLAM Navigator
Oculus Prime SLAM Navigator Robot, White, click to enlarge
Oculus Prime SLAM Navigator is a telerobotic, internet operated vehicle that is capable of autonomous navigation, automated patrols, and security sensing functions.
It includes the Orbbec Astra depth sensor for Simultaneous-Location-And-Mapping, and obstacle detection. It has the ROS Navigation Stack installed and calibrated, and is controlled by an on-board desktop-class mini-ITX PC.
All control software is open source.
  • Autonomous Navigation and Mapping using the Robot Operating System (ROS) Navigation Stack
  • Motion, Noise and Human detection
  • Define Scheduled Patrol Routes with point-and-click web GUI
  • Powered by a x86-64 mini-ITX PC
  • Open Source API
  • Auto-Docking Charging Station
  • Real-Time Streaming Video
  • 2-way Audio
  • Powerful 4WD Traction
  • High Intensity Lights
  • Web Browser and Smartphone Control
  • WiFi and 4G/LTE connectivity capable
90 Second Video: Fully Autonomous Navigation, Web Broswer Remote Inteface
Oculus Prime SLAM Navigator with Orbbec Astra sensor, click to enlarge
ASRock J5005-ITX Motherboard
Oculus Prime SLAM Navigator Robot, White, click to enlarge Oculus Prime SLAM Navigator Robot, ROS Rviz urdf model, click to enlarge


  • Orbbec Astra depth camera
  • Auto-docking charging station
  • Servo-tilting camera and lights
  • 4 wheel gearmotors including encoder
  • 4-hour LiPo battery
  • Xaxxon POWER v2 PCB, battery charging and power management
  • Wifi connectivity, overlapping network auto-switching
  • Arduino compatible Xaxxon MALG motor/audio/lights/gyro controller
  • CNC machined high-impact ABS frame
  • Made in Canada
On-Board PC:
  • Mini-ITX motherboard ASRock J5005-ITX
  • Quad-Core Intel Pentium J5005 CPU 2.8Gz
  • 4Gb DDR4 RAM (expandable to 16Gb)
  • SSD 120Gb
  • Wifi/Bluetooth mini-pcie card + antenna/pigtail pair
It comes pre-configured, tested and calibrated, with Linux Xubuntu 16.04, the Oculusprime Java Server Application, and ROS Kinetic, including the Oculusprime ROS module.

Control Software

Oculusprime Java Server
  • Fully programmable/customizable via the Oculus Prime Telnet API
  • Web, telnet and streaming media servers run entirely on-robot
  • 2 way streaming audio supported
  • Video recording
  • Web browser and Android app remote control
  • Multiple simultaneous remote video streaming connections possible, multiple user accounts, text chatting
  • Auto-navigation, map making, waypoint and route definition all controlled through remote web browser GUI
  • Motion, sound and human detection
  • Automatically adapts speed to floor type during auto-navigation
  • Send alerts via email and on-board RSS feed
  • 4G/LTE connectivity ready
  • Open Source

Autonomous Navigation and ROS

Oculus Prime SLAM Navigator is capable of Simultaneous-Location-And-Mapping and autonomous navigation, with the help of ROS - Robot Operating System middleware, the use of a depth camera, and integrated precision odometry sensors.
ROS Logo
The robot can drive itself through an environment, dynamically detecting and avoiding moving and stationary obstacles. You can create a map of an area, set navigation goals and define waypoints on the map, all remotely using the web browser interface.
You can schedule patrol routes, with optional actions for each waypoint, including:
  • Motion detection
  • Sound detection
  • Take a photo
  • Record video
  • Human detection
  • Email and RSS alerts
See here for more info on map making, auto-navigation, and setting up parol routes Oculus Prime ROS Navigation web browser map interface
For more info on ROS and how it's integrated with the Oculusprime Java Server control software, see here
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Remote Control Clients

Oculus Prime can be controlled over the internet from anywhere, using a standard web-browser, or by using our Oculus Prime TeleOperator smartphone/tablet app. Settings configuration and calibration is done primarily through the web-browser client.
The browser interface features draggable windows including IR depth stream, top view radar mode, and map view:
Oculus Prime SLAM Navigator Browser GUI
Oculus Prime Robot remote web browser control GUI Oculus Prime Robot Android Application, remote control


Oculus Prime Automatic Docking Battery Charging
Oculus Prime Robot Charging Station
Docking with the wall-powered charging dock is handled automatically via 2D image processing through the included camera. The robot docks with the charger backwards (so it's not starting at a wall when charging).
The system can be configured to send a message (email, SMS, etc.) if it can't dock for some reason, to ask for help.
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Oculus Prime - SLAM Navigator


  • 4 x 125mm diameter, skid steering
  • 4 x quiet running 12V DC gear-motors. Top speed 0.4m/s
  • Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p camera
  • 2-way audio communication - noise cancelling microphone and mono high fidelity speaker
  • 2 x Cree XR-E high intensity LEDs: spotlight and reverse wide angle lights
Camera Tilt
  • Servo actuated 120 degree vertical (including mirror for reverse when docking)
  • High impact ABS
  • 3 cell Lithium Polymer 5000mAh, up to 4 hour run time
Battery Charging
Motor Controller
  • Motors/Audio/Lights/Gyro Xaxxon MALG PCB, Arduino compatible microcontroller
Charging Dock
  • Automatic docking via 2D image processing
  • International power compatible 120-240VAC > 15VDC wall wart
  • Robot docks backwards, looking out when docked
  • Gyroscope: 3-Axis Digital Output, high accuracy rotational odometry
  • Wheel encoder: single wheel quadrature hall-effects high resolution
  • Temperature
  • Battery current draw, system voltage and individual cell voltages
  • Depth camera: Orbbec Astra Pro
System Hardware
  • Motherboard: ASRock J5005-ITX, with Quad-Core Pentium J5005 CPU 2.8Gz
  • 4Gb DDR3 RAM, up to 16Gb optional
  • SSD 120Gb
  • M.2 Wifi/Bluetooth mini-pcie + pigtail/antenna pair
  • Xaxxon ATX Power Kit with wide input regulator
  • Remote control: standard web-browser client access, Android Air application mobile client
  • Oculusprime Java Server (on-board high-level motor control, multi-user, Apache Tomcat web server, RED5 streaming media server, telnet API server)
  • Telnet protocol interface, automated script control, Python API
  • ROS Kinetic
  • Autonomous navigation and mapping via ROS SLAM and Xtion depth sensor
  • Linux Xubuntu 16.04 64-bit OS
  • Wifi access point mode, multiple overlapping network auto-switching
  • 3G/4G/LTE and NAT firewall operation capable via relay server
  • OpenCV versions 3.2.0 native and 2.4.13 Java
  • Arduino-C/Wiring compatible motors/encoders/gyro microcontroller
  • 282mm length, 283mm width, 307mm height
  • 4Kg weight. (Not including charging dock)
  • 2.5Kg
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