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Battery Health and Safety
    LIPO WARNING and Care

SLAM Navigator and Pi Explorer Versions – Initial Setup
    Unboxing and Assembly
    Connect to Wifi and Setup

System Configuration – All Versions
    Port Forwarding
    Alert Messaging Setup
    Charging and Dock Placement
    Configuration file

Remote Control – All Versions
    Desktop Browser Remote Control
    Mobile App
    Powering Down The Robot
    Using the Headless WiFi Manager
    Updating Software

SLAM Navigator – Auto Navigation and Patrol Routes
    Making a map
    Navigating the Map and Defining Waypoints
    Defining Patrol Routes

Developer – All Versions
    Telnet API
    Command Reference
    State Variables
    Python Module
    Script Examples, Telnet API
    Another Script Example, Auto-starting Scripts
    Extending Oculusprime Java

Developer – SLAM Navigator – ROS
    ROS and Auto Navigation – Overview
    ROS Nodes and Launch Files Summary
    Setup Networking Between Robot and Workstation
    Tutorial: Navigation Using Rviz
    Tutorial: Map Making Using Rviz
    Tutorial: Drive Using Teleop-Twist-Keyboard
    Tutorial: Running the Follower Demo
    Tutorial: Gazebo Simulation
    Updating the Oculus Prime ROS Packages

DIY Kit Version – Assembly Guide
    Charging Dock
    Camera + Light Assembly
    Servo and Speaker Assembly
    Upper Assembly Complete
    Chassis Assembly
    Chassis Wiring
    Wiring Test
    Final Assembly

OS and Software Install
    Software version 1.1 and up, Ubuntu 20+
    Legacy instructions – Ubuntu 14/16, Flash clients

    Kit Version PC Hardware Shopping Links
    Attaching Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse
    Installing from System Image
    Running Server Application on ARM Systems
    Non-Flash Camera and Mic Capture
    Running on Mobile/Cellular Networks and Behind Firewalls

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