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Battery Health and Safety
    LIPO WARNING and Care

SLAM Navigator and Pi Explorer Versions – Initial Setup
    Unboxing and Assembly
    Connect to Wifi and Setup

System Configuration – All Versions
    Port Forwarding
    Alert Messaging Setup
    Charging and Dock Placement
    Configuration file

Remote Control – All Versions
    Desktop Browser Remote Control
    Mobile App
    Powering Down The Robot
    Using the Headless WiFi Manager
    Updating Software

SLAM Navigator – Auto Navigation and Patrol Routes
    Making a map
    Navigating the Map and Defining Waypoints
    Defining Patrol Routes

Developer – All Versions
    Telnet API
    Command Reference
    State Variables
    Python Module
    Script Examples, Telnet API
    Another Script Example, Auto-starting Scripts
    Extending Oculusprime Java

Developer – SLAM Navigator – ROS
    ROS and Auto Navigation – Overview
    ROS Nodes and Launch Files Summary
    Setup Networking Between Robot and Workstation
    Tutorial: Navigation Using Rviz
    Tutorial: Map Making Using Rviz
    Tutorial: Drive Using Teleop-Twist-Keyboard
    Tutorial: Running the Follower Demo
    Tutorial: Gazebo Simulation
    Updating the Oculus Prime ROS Packages

DIY Kit Version – Assembly Guide
    Charging Dock
    Camera + Light Assembly
    Servo and Speaker Assembly
    Upper Assembly Complete
    Chassis Assembly
    Chassis Wiring
    Wiring Test
    Final Assembly

OS and Software Install
    Xubuntu OS Install and Setup
    Disable Camera Auto Focus
    Server Application – Install and First Run Setup
    Set to Auto-Start Server on Reboot
    Set Up the Headless Wifi Manager
    SLAM Navigator Version: Install ROS

    Kit Version PC Hardware Shopping Links
    Attaching Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse
    Installing from System Image
    Running Server Application on ARM Systems
    Non-Flash Camera and Mic Capture
    Running on Mobile/Cellular Networks and Behind Firewalls

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